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New Solar pump at Sinamatella


Description: Tendele Pan – a beautiful pan between Tshompani and Inyantue, on an open floodplain. Would spread the water and thus the elephants between these two water points. This area has the potential to develop into a top game area in a short period of time

Cost: To survey, to drill and to equip with a sola unit – estimated cost $ 12,000



Restored water at Nantwich, Robins

Description : To install a submersible pump into the borehole at Nantwich, connect to the mains electricity supply and to pump into the dam in from of the old Nantwich Camp. To also run a pipeline of 1,1km to the National Parks entry gate for domestic supply to the Parks staff stationed at the gate.

Cost: estimated 4 10,000

New Hide at Kazuma Corner Pan

Description : To build an elevated hide, with toilet and shower attached, at a point overlooking the Kazuma Pan waterhole, plus with a panoramic view over the Kazuma Depression, with spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  This project is also aimed at boosting tourism to this remote and seldom visited park

Cost:  Estimated at $ 15,000

If you want to fund any of these projects please contact Trevor Lane