You can help us keep our wildlife watered and safe, and our Parks rangers in the field looking after our heritage!

Bhejane Trust has many new and ongoing operations which require constant support and financing, such as game water, road maintenance, rhino monitoring and parks deployments.

Bhejane Trust runs various game water programs throughout Zambezi National Park, Kazuma Pan National Park, and Sinamatella and Robins Areas, Hwange National Park. We have installed to date over 45 solar pumps or windmills in these areas and although they require little input after installation, they require constant checking to ensure they are operating properly. These pumps are spread out over large remote areas, so fairly substantial vehicle costs are incurred, both for fuel and maintenance. We are also installing new pumps in various areas to continue to enhance the game water supplies of the Parks – for more updated information if required please contact the Trust

We also incur costs on staff – salaries, welfare, –  on rhino monitoring, on Parks deployments and operations, on anti-poaching, road maintenance, fire management and various other activities. This requires a constant requirement monthly to keep our operations funded in the field. 

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