Kazuma Pan National Park

The Kazuma Pan National Park (KPNP) is one of the more remote and least visited of all Zimbabwe’s National Parks, being difficult of access. It is a small park of only 35000 hectares, with the Kazuma Pan, or Depression,  as it’s unique central feature, and has good wildlife with a variety of species including rarities such as Roan, Oribi and Tsessebe, plus fantastic bird life, especially waterbirds during the rains


Game Water

Bhejane Trust has equipped two old boreholes, Kazuma Pan and Roan Pan. with solar unit plus has drilled four new boreholes and installed to date solar units on two of these – namely Eland Pan and Kazuma Pan 2.   There are plans to install more solar units on the new boreholes.


In 2016 Bhejane Trust developed a set of maps for tourists to better understand the road network in Kazuma Pan. Access to the park has been unclear for tourists and a map was also created to show tourists the best accessible routes to this remote station.equipped two

Game water

To undertake and assessment of the game water supply situation and requirements.  To complete the installations at Roan 2 Pan and at Kazuma 3 borehole, and to cklear an obstruction in Insiza Pan and install a solar unit on it.

Tourist Infrastructure Development

To site and establish 2 minimum development camp sites for the Tourist market, one in the Katsechete area and one in the Depression area. The current sites are very poorly sited and need to be moved

Fire Protection

To assist parks with a fire management program and the controlled burning of designated blocks.

Road Networks

Assist parks with developing a road network to allow better accessibility for tourists to, from and within the national park.


To assist parks with requirements for patrolling, anti-poaching , and with staff welfare.und

Vegetation and fire mapping program

 Southern African Bird Atlas Program – the area has unique bird life

Game counts, population assessments and movements

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