Bhejane Trust is based out of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and is dedicated to the conservation of our wildlife in this part of the world. The Trust runs conservation programs in co-operation with our National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, giving access to some of the best wildlife conservation areas in Africa.

The Zimbabwean people are very friendly and welcoming to foreign visitors and guests and it is a safe tourist destination, being voted best tourist destination for 2014 by the European Union Council on Tourism and Trade. Zimbabwe is blessed with a moderate climate, though daytime temperatures in October can climb!

However, Zimbabwe has its problems and is economically stressed. As a result the Parks Authority are severely under-funded, which hampers them in their ability to undertake their mandate to nurture and protect the Parks estate, so the support given by the Trust to the Authority is invaluable for the continued survival of these vast and magnificent areas and the animals that live in them!

Thus, Bhejane Trust’s programs takes place in genuine wilderness areas – the Hwange National Park, which covers over 14,600 square kilometres, the Kazuma Pan National Park and the Zambezi National Park adjoining Victoria Falls. Together these National Parks form one of the largest wildlife areas in Africa, which is home to the Big 5 (Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard and Rhino) as well as other herbivores such as Zebra, Giraffe, Waterbuck, Kudu and many more, and predators such as the Leopard, Cheetah and Hyena.

The Zambezi National Park / Hwange National Park region must be closely monitored to ensure the health and stability of the area’s ecosystems – and this is where you come in. Volunteers play an integral role in all areas of these ecosystems from monitoring water points and alien plants to rhino tracking and anti-poaching activities.

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