Zambezi National Park

The Zambezi National Park, adjacent to Victoria Falls, is 55,000 hectares in extent, with over 30km of Zambezi River frontage. The park is effectively divided into two sections, with the Kazungula road from Victoria Falls to Botswana as the dividing line. These sections are the Zambezi River section – has the river and associated floodplains, – and the Chamabonda Vlei (pronounced “flay”) section – the southern area, which has a long open grassy plain (the Chamabonda Vlei) amidst the vast teak woodland.

Bhejane Trust has been active in the Chamabonda Vlei for over ten years. Prior to the Trust’s adopting the area, it had been neglected for many years with no functioning water points, subject to heavy poaching, and with no one going into the area. Bhejane Trusts efforts to restore the area have proved to be very successful, with the wildlife populations rebounding, and there is now a return of both locals residents and tourists to the area.

 The result!!

Water points

There were originally three water points along the Chamabonda Vlei, which in 2011 had not been pumped for many years. Bhejane initially revived two of the three water points with diesel engines, but was donated a solar pump for the third borehole – this started the solar revolution!!  In 2014 the Trust secured funding to drill two more boreholes (replacing one that had collapsed), and installed four solar water pump units. By 2020 Bhejane Trust drilled and equipped another two more boreholes, one supplementing an existing pan and one to a new pan. We now have seven functioning solar powered pumps supplementing five pans.

Road Network

The Trust has put in a new road network linked into the old network in the western area, so as to improve the game viewing experience. Also gravelled and graded sections of the main access road to make it all-weather

Tourism Infrastructure

Refurbished the hide at Chamabonda 3, erecting a chalet for overnight camping

Built a new hide for game viewing, overnight camping at Timots Pan

Fire Protection

The Trust has undertaken controlled burning programs in conjunction with Parks, and assisted on wild fire control.

National Parks Assistance

We have assisted parks on patrol deployments, on ranger requirements for patrols, and operates a rewards system for rangers successful in their duties in combating poaching.


Waterpoints – 

Secured all solar panels and pumps after thefts and damage from Zambian thieves. Have replaced all stolen equipment and ensured all waterpoints are functioning.


Have graded and gravelled sections of the Chamabonda Road, to make it all-weather.

Infrastructure Development

Refurbished the two hides ( these were taken over by Parks in 2018 and have deteriorated so Parks have requested we handle the management again) These hides are now fully functional

Parks Management and Field Assistance

To continue to assist Parks in all aspects where possible, including anti-poaching, roads, fire, etc.


To look at putting in a second borehole at Timots Pan to supplement the existing borehole, which struggles to cope


To continue repairs to make the main road all-weather along the Chamabonda, to grade existing roads and to expand the road network where required, both in the Chamabonda section and river section

Infrastructure Development

To maintain the Chamabonda hides


To continue with the rotational burning program, to ensure the vitality of the vlei. This is tied in to the overall Parks Matetsi fire program.

Parks Assistance

To continue to assist Parks in all aspects where possible, including anti-poaching, roads, fire, etc.

a) To ascertain the status of the Sable Antelope in Park
b) To undertake a hippo count along the Zambezi from Kazungula to Victoria Falls, to assess their status and protection requirements. We have a drone to assist in this survey.
c) Southern Africa Bird Atlas Program – to compile a bird atlas for the area
d) Vegetation and fire mapping program
e) Game population survey – road strip counts, 24 hour water point counts

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